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70mai Hardwire Cable Kit (Type-C) with 6 Pcs Fuse Tap Adapters

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  • Compatible Models: M500, Omni 360° & A810 
  • 6 Pcs Fuse Tap Adapters are Included

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Key Feature

Locate Your Car's Cabin Fuse Box

For connecting hardwire, you need to located the fuse box present inside the cabin of your car. The above arrows shows the location of cabin fuse box found in different car models available in India.

Identify ACC & VCC Fuses

Identify VCC fuse - 12V power is supplied even when the vehicle is turned off or the ignition key is off.
Identify ACC fuse - 12V DC power is not supplied when the vehicle is turned off or the ignition key is off, 12V DC output when the vehicle is on or the ignition key is on

Pull out the ACC & VCC Fuses

Using fuse puller or pliers, remove the identified ACC & VCC fuse from the fuse box and keep them aside for next steps.
You can WhatsApp the Fuse Box Diagram to NEXDIGITRON Customer Support for fuse markings if you are unable to identify them.

Match the ACC & VCC Fuse with Fuse Adapter

Your car will have one of the three fuse types available in India - Mini, Low profile Mini or Micro2. You will need to select the fuse adapter which matches your car fuse. Please note colors of fuse adapters may vary between red and yellow as per availability.

Setting up Hardwire

Insert the ACC & VCC Fuse in the Fuse Adapter

Now insert the fuse which your had removed from your car into the fuse adapter as per above image. Please insert fully into the fuse adapter, it could take some effort to push it fully inside. Please insert fuses exactly as per above image.

Join the Wires with Fuse Adapter

Peel off the red & yellow wire of the hardwire kit, fold it and insert in the blue terminal of the fuse adapter. Press the terminal with pliers as per above image so that the wire is firmly secured with the fuse adapter.

Insert the Fuse Adapter in Fuse Box

Now insert the fuse adapter into the fuse box slot from where you had removed the VCC fuse. Press firmly so that its completely inside and secured well.

Connect Black Wire to Car Body

The back wire of the hardwire needs to be directly connected to car body metal point like screw/nut which is unpainted. This is present inside the sideway plastic trims. DO NOT CONNECT to other wires or nuts/screws on plastic parts as it will not work properly.

Completing Installation & Troubleshooting

Connect the Hardwire to Dashcam

Connect the Micro USB port of the hardwire kit to the dashcam and tuck in the wires inside your car trims. When correctly connected, you will see the above alert when you turn OFF the car. Wrong connections will not show this parking mode activation alert.

Enable Parking Mode

Click on Settings on the dashcam screen and go to video settings. You will find an option of "Parking Surveillance". Enable to "ON-High Sensitivity" and the parking mode will be activated. Please note that this option will enable event parking mode only. If your dashcam is equipped with time lapse option, you need to enable that separately.

Test if Parking Mode Works

When correctly connected, you will see the above alert when you turn OFF the car. Wrong connections will not show this parking mode activation alert.
For dashcams without screen like M300, you will hear the voice prompt.

Troubleshooting No Cable Detected

If you see the above message after hardwire connections, please recheck the connections done. If you think connections are correct, turn OFF your car and then turn ON again after 5 mins, it will get detected. If you still face issues, please contact NEXDIGITRON Customer Support through WhatsApp.


  • Compatible Models - M500 only
  • Input Voltage: DC 12-30V, Output Voltage: DC 5V 2A; Protection for over voltage, over current, over temperature and short circuit.
  • IPS Voltage Protection: Voltage auto cut off on car low battery to prevent over-draining of car battery when car is not used for longer periods.
  • Synchronous Rectification, Power Conversion Rate is more than 96%.
  • Type-C Connector, Cable Length - 3.5 Meters

Product Information
ModelMidrive UP03
Item Weight181 g
Product Dimensions24.4 x 15.6 x 3.6 cm
Item model numberMidrive UP03
Additional FeaturesBattery Low Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Over Temperature Protection
Included ComponentsHard Wire Cable, Instruction Manual
Compatible DevicesM500 Only
Item part numberMidrive UP03

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Venkatesh Bhat

A hardwire cable kit for a car dash camera offers several advantages:

1. **Continuous Power**: Hardwiring the dash camera to the vehicle's electrical system provides a continuous power source, so the camera can operate even when the engine is off. This is especially useful for parking surveillance mode.

2. **No Battery Drain**: Unlike using the car's battery for power, which can lead to a dead battery if left too long, hardwiring doesn't drain the vehicle's battery.

3. **Clean Installation**: Hardwiring allows for a neater and more discreet installation. There are no dangling power cords, making the interior of the car less cluttered.

4. **Automatic On/Off**: Most hardwire kits come with a voltage cutoff feature to prevent the camera from draining the car's battery completely. This ensures the camera turns off when the vehicle's voltage drops to a certain level.

5. **Protection Against Tampering**: Hardwiring makes it more difficult for potential thieves to disconnect or tamper with the camera, enhancing security.

6. **Multi-Functionality**: Some hardwire kits offer additional features, such as a timer or low voltage protection, which can be customized to your preferences.

7. **Improved Cable Management**: Hardwire kits often include cable management solutions to keep the wiring tidy and hidden.

8. **Increased Reliability**: It reduces the risk of accidental disconnection or issues related to using the car's accessory power outlets, which can be unreliable in some vehicles.

9. **Enhanced Parking Surveillance**: With continuous power, the dash camera can be set to record in parking mode for longer periods, increasing the likelihood of capturing incidents while the vehicle is parked.

Overall, a hardwire cable kit is a valuable accessory for a car dash camera, especially if you want to take full advantage of parking surveillance features and maintain a clean and reliable power source for your camera.

Manoj G
Good option if you want parking surveillance features

- does the job, all parking surveillance features are working
- quality of he wire and components seems to be great
- it's bit difficult insert fuses into the adapters but it can be done with some force using pliers
- customer support is quick to help with identifying ACC and VCC fuses

Good Quality

Good Quality , Nice work with A810 dash cam

Jas Brar

24 survlanc good hardware kit best nexdigitron online

Swalay Mandavgade
Useful for continuous monitoring

Really good product useful, good quality.