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70mai A810 4K HDR Dual-Vision DashCam

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Rs. 18,999.00
Rs. 29,999.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to manually start recording?

Each time the recorder is turned on, if there is an available Micro SD card, it will automatically start recording (normal videos), so the user does not need to manually start recording.

Can the recorder be used without external power supply?

The recorder has a built-in battery, but it is only used to supply power for final video storage when the power is turned off and during parking monitoring. It is not recommended to use the recorder without an external power supply. When the recorder screen prompts “Low battery; please connect the charging cord”, please plug in the charging cord.

How do I know whether the recorder is recording normally?

When a video is being recorded normally, the indicator remains solid green, and the red dot in the upper left corner of the screen flashes.

How long is the duration of a normal video?

A standard normal video is 1-minute long. However, you can set up the video duration to 2-3 minutes based on your requirements.

What is the length of an emergency video?

An emergency video is a normal video that is being recorded plus another 30s. Therefore, its minimum length is 31 seconds, and its maximum length is 1 minute and 30 seconds.

How do I start ADAS automatic calibration?

When the ADAS function is enabled, each time the recorder is turned on, no matter the car speed is faster than 20 km/h, automatic calibration will be stared activated. The calibration process may last for 5~8 minutes, during which you should maintain a speed of more than 20 km as much as possible. After the calibration succeeds, it will not be re-activated during the drive.

Do I need to manually turn on/off the recorder in my car?

There is no need to manually turn on/off the recorder. Every time the car is started (i.e. the cigarette lighter port is power on), the recorder will automatically turn on.

Product Information
Item Weight99.8 g
Display Resolution Maximum4K 2160p
Digital Storage Capacity256 GB (Memory Card Not Included)
Included Components70mai A810 Dual-Vision 4K Dash Cam, Rear Cam RC12 with connecting cable, Mounting Bracket, Dual USB Car Charger, 3.5 Meter USB Cable, Pry Tool, Electrostatic Sticker, User Manual
Batteries RequiredNo
Compatible DevicesAndroid, iOS
Connector TypeWi-Fi

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
good device but my review is comming after few days as of now

ood device but my review is comming after few days as of now it is my unboxing i want to start this on 24 oct 2023

Venkatesh Bhat
70MAI A810 Camera

1. **Evidence in Accidents**: Dash cameras can provide crucial evidence in case of accidents, helping to determine fault and protect you in insurance claims or legal disputes.

2. **Preventing Fraud**: They can deter fraudsters attempting to stage accidents for insurance money by capturing the true events on video.

3. **Monitoring Driving Behavior**: Dash cameras can help you monitor and improve your driving habits, which can lead to safer driving and potential savings on insurance premiums.

4. **Parking Surveillance**: Some dash cameras have parking mode, which records incidents that occur when your car is parked, such as hit-and-runs or vandalism.

5. **Capturing Memorable Moments**: You can capture unexpected events or beautiful scenery during your drives.

6. **Security**: Dash cameras can act as a theft deterrent, and some models have GPS tracking, making it easier to recover a stolen vehicle.

7. **Lowering Insurance Costs**: Some insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders who have dash cameras installed, as they promote safe driving.

8. **Documentation of Road Trips**: Dash cameras can record your entire road trip, providing a visual record of your journey.

9. **Peace of Mind**: Knowing that you have a recording of your journeys can provide peace of mind while driving.

10. **Educational Tool**: Parents can use dash cameras to monitor their children's driving habits and provide feedback for improvement.

Initial review - nice results and fully satisfied

I am in the first month of usage so can't say about long term performance . So far completely satisfied with the results . Ultra fast delivery ,received it within 24 hrs . Video has spot on clarity with the Starvis sensor .

Kush Sharma
Works as expected

Will give 5 star for quick delivery, packing and performance. It's worth buying for the safety of your car and your family.

Amit Kumar
Best Dashcam

I was looking for a good dashcam that could capture the number plate in night condition and with better video quality and ended up buying 70MAI A810 and I am really satisfied with the product till now.
Thanks to Nextdigitron for fast delivery and good service. Actually, my rear electrostatic sticker didn't work so I contacted them & they sent two replacements for the same.